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A few words from our founder!

We are lucky to be placed in the best part of the city, on the left side of a promenade, in the middle of a modern boulevard where a greatly touristic view is guaranteed.

Our Hotel is 100 m. far from a huge miraculous Stone which is unique and you can find it only in our city. It is used as a tourist point for having the best view of the city, for climbing and visiting the left parts of the oldest castle. In the backside of our Hotel, we have a romantic view of the river which is not only a source of calm and peace but also a source of energy and inspiration. You can also go rafting with an organized team and it is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

In addition near the hotel, you can find traditional restaurants, shops, and bars together with the main bus station through which you can go to our famous thermal waters in Benja and visit fabulous canyons and caves.

“Hotel Alvero” is not just a hotel, not even just a business. It is a soul treasure. It shows my family’s origin since it is built on my parents' land. In each building brick, a great sacrifice is hidden.

I came back from Paris in my hometown full of dreams and visions for building a better future for my family. It was harder than I expected due to the Albanian political situation in 1997, but I dedicated all of myself to make a great hotel which taught me the value of sacrifice, strength, love, and dedication. This is what makes “Hotel Alvero” special. Values that created this hotel are shared among people who work here, and for us. It is a great honor to serve our clients because just by choosing us, they show respect for our meaningful treasure of values here.

By: Vasillaq Nikolla

Vasillaq Nikolla
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