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The River Terrace

The River Terrace is a fantastic place for friends or families to spend some quality time together under the shade of the old pine tree. Just in front of the terrace, the mighty Vjosa River wanders around the shore, resonating with a peculiar voice. Surrounded by multicolor roses and with an exclusive view of the City's Rock, everyone can enjoy a cup of freshly grounded coffee or traditional ice cream.

Coffee & Drinks

We offer a large variety of coffee beverages and other drinks. Our coffee beverages are made with fresh grounded Arabic coffee beans provided by one of the biggest suppliers in Albania, Ama Caffe®.

Ice Cream

For several years, we have been serving traditional ice cream produced on-site by our qualified staff. Following an old recipe, our ice cream has a unique texture, and of course, it tastes delicious. All our ingredients are carefully picked and supplied by Neranxi®. 

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