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The Tekke of Alipostivan is a religious monument located 40 - 50 minutes from Permet. It is a "whole city" condensed on a tiny hill overlooking hundreds of acres of forest and fields below. The Tekke of Alipostivan is new and still growing to accommodate its followers. It is not a real tourist destination but more of a spiritual one. Many people organize pilgrimages in Alipostivan and have a chance to meet Father Hekuran. When visiting the site, try to be respectful not only to the other visitors but also to different monuments and facilities. 

Useful Information

- The road to Alipostivan is currently under construction, so drive carefully. Contact our staff if you need to arrange transportation. 
- Thursday is considered a "good" or "holy" day.
- Try to visit the site in the morning (until sunset)
- Try to be quiet during your visit.
- Keep the place neat and clean.
- Father Hekruani sometimes hosts meetings or gatherings on holidays.

Important Note: Only visitors for religious purposes are allowed inside!

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