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Kosina's Church

From all the churches surrounding Permet, the Church of Saint Mary of Kosina is the most valuable one. It is one of the oldest orthodox churches of the Balkans. Historians have concluded that the first foundations of the church were completed in the 12th century. The other part of the building is believed to be more than 500 years old! The church of Kosina has been attacked numerous times during different historical periods, but it survived. Unfortunately, many valuable and ancient artifacts displayed inside the church have either been destroyed or gone missing due to the communist regime. The Church of Saint Mary of Kosina is now open to the public. Everyone can come to Kosina to enjoy the history of this old monument and its unique architecture, which has withstood for generations.

Useful Information

- The road to Kosina is in good condition and is accessible by every type of vehicle.
- There is an option to take a minibus to Kosina or back to Permet.
- The interior of the church is usually available for the public during religious holidays.

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