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The Church of Saint Mary of Leusa is one of Permet's most prominent religious monuments. The church used to be one of the largest monasteries and schools that was built in the late 18th century. A thick forest surrounds the church, but inside it hides a whole treasure. The church's interior is covered with ornamented paintings and orthodox icons. Many of these religious artifacts are relatively old and are available for the public. The church is two kilometers away from the city, accessible only on foot or a 4x4 vehicle. Nevertheless, it is an excellent destination for people who adore both nature and culture. 

Useful Information

- To go to Leusa, a 4x4 vehicle or similar is needed. Going on foot is recommended.
- It takes 30 -40 minutes to go to Leusa on foot. Try to go early in the morning or in the evening.
- To enter the church and see the icons, a key is needed. To acquire it, you need to ask the priest who lives in the first house close to the church (the one on the right side of the road).
- There is a spring close to the entrance of the village. The water is fresh and cold.

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