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Rafting in Vjosa River

Rafting has become one of the most popular activities in recent years. This is thanks to the Vjosa River, the wildest river in Europe. Rafting in the Vjosa river is an adventure full of adrenaline and magic, something out of this world. The travelers can experience almost 12 kilometers of the blue vein of Permet, traveling across rocks, strong currents, and in the middle of forests. The trip is for everyone, with or without enough experience. During the summertime, the level of rafting is around 2-3 (the 6th level is the most difficult). Therefore, even small kids can join their parents for a unique encounter that they will never forget.

Useful Information

- Rafting can be performed from June to late September.
- During summer, the level of difficulty is 2-3 (out of 6)
- Rafting is a physical activity. You cannot go rafting if you have serious health issues.
- The trip takes around 3 hours
- All the safety equipment (wetsuit, lifejackets, helmets, etc.) will be provided by our partners.

Hotel Alvero organizes rafting trips periodically during summer with the cooperation of professional partners in the sector. To learn more about this activity or make a reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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