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For any nature enthusiasts who fancy a long hike and amazing views, Strembec is the right place. With an elevation of 850 meters, hiking in Strebec is a unique experience for almost anyone. What makes the site desired is the landscape. You can climb up to hills and mountainous terrain with ease to reach a hidden spring with fresh cold water (Sopoti Spring/Falls). No words can describe this place, and neither the pictures. It is also an excellent destination for families who want to spend a different kind of holiday.

Useful Information

- To go near the hiking site, you need to go to the village of Strembec (ETA 30-50 minutes).
- If you do not have your own vehicle, contact our staff to arrange transportation.
- Hiking takes 2-3 hours, be prepared with all the equipment.
- Check the weather.
- If you find yourselves lost, the people who live in Strembec can assist you.

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