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The City's Rock

The City's Rock is the distinctive symbol that recognizes the city of Permet. It is a massive rock, almost 42 m high and with a surface of nearly 650 meters squared. The origin of this rock has always been debated by researchers. Many geologists believe that it is part of the mountain range that has been dislocated and rolled down to Permet. Nevertheless, its true origin stays a mystery. What we know is that on top of the rock, there was a magnificent castle that corresponds to an ancient legend. The palace was destroyed during the invasion of the Ottomans, along with all the memories of the kingdom. However, the remains are stll visible today.

Useful Information

- The Rock is close to the center of Permet (where Hotel Alvero is located). You can easily visit it on foot.
- To climb the City's Rock, you need to take the stairs that are located behind the Rock.
- Stay away from the edges of the Rock.
- Go early in the morning or during sunset. It is the best time to take a picture of the whole city from the top of the Rock.

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