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Thermal Baths

The Thermal Baths of Benja (Llixhat e Benjes) are the most popular attraction in Permet. Located fifteen kilometers from Permet, the site consists of small to medium-sized natural pools surrounded by wild nature. The temperature of the baths is consistent, with a temperature that ranges from 24 - 28 degrees Celcius. Therefore, the site can be visited all year round, day or night. All baths are unique and have special healing properties thanks to a cocktail of oligo minerals in the water. Close to the baths, there is another fantastic place to explore, the Canyons of Lengarica. The canyons are over four kilometers long and can be explored on foot. There is an excellent choice for summer when the weather is perfect.

Useful Information

- Limit the bathing time to 15 minutes.
- Do three baths a day with a 30 - 60 minutes break in between.
- Keep jewelry and electronics away from the water.
- Bring water shoes or sneakers.
- Do not forget to take snacks or water for your stay.
- Do not enter the canyon if the weather is not suitable.

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